Secure-A-Lid's patented wheelie bin latch/lock automatically unlatches upon garbage collection via a gravity assisted swinging arm. When the wheelie bin is lifted and tilted by the garbage truck, the swinging arm is free to rotate and disconnect from the main latch.

The product:

  • Free delivery to the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada

  • Delivery also made to the UK and Ireland at heavily discounted rates (check bottom of page for rates and time-frames)

Wheelie bin latch - method of operation and working with truck

Secure-A-Lid offers 2 clever products to solve your garbage and recycling issues. A wheelie bin latch and wheelie bin lock.

Wheelie Bin Latch - How it works


Wheelie bin lock - how it works

The below clarifies which product is right for your needs


Put simply, if you need to prevent larger/stronger animals such as raccoons, bears, or humans from accessing your bin then the wheelie bin lock is right for you. This device allows a padlock to be fitted which prevents all access to the bin apart from those with the key.

If you just need to prevent birds and strong winds from opening your bin lid then the wheelie bin latch is recommended.

If you’re still unsure which product is right for your needs please watch the short videos above.

Redeeming features of both products:

  • Automatically unlatch upon garbage collection

  • Fit all residential sized wheelie bins

  • Easy installation

  • Made from a high impact and high temperature resistant plastic

fits all residential sized wheelie bins

Protection until collection

padlock functionality

prevents all types of unwanted access


Countries Secure-A-Lid currently deliver to:

  • Australia

  • USA and Canada

  • New Zealand

  • UK and Ireland


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